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Buy Mircera injection 100mcg (CERA)

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Buy Mircera (Methoxy Polyethylene glycol-epoetin beta) Injection

Brand: Roche

Manufacturer: Roche Diagnostics GmbH (Germany)

Active substance: Epoetin beta methoxipolyethylenglycol

Product: intravenous and subcutaneous injection

MATERIALS Included in the pack:

A pre-filled syringe of MIRCERA and a separate injection needle


Step 1: Allow the syringe to adjust to room temperature

Remove the box containing the MIRCERA pre-filled syringe from the refrigerator. Keep the syringe in the
box to protect it from light and allow it to reach room temperature for at least 30 minutes.

• Not allowing the medicine to come to room temperature could result in an uncomfortable injection, and it may be difficult to depress the plunger.

• Do not warm up the syringe in any other way.

Remove the plastic tray of the MIRCERA pre-filled syringe from the box without peeling back the protective film

Step 2: Clean your hands

Disinfect your hands well with soap and warm water or hands sanitizer.

Step 3: Unpack and visually inspect the pre-filled syringe

Peel back the protective film from the plastic tray and remove the needle and the syringe, holding the syringe by the middle of the body without
touching the release clips.

• Only handle the syringe by the body, because any contact with the release clips could cause premature release of the safety device.

Examine the syringe and check the expiration date on the syringe and box. This is important to ensure that the syringe and medicine are safe to use.

Do NOT use the syringe if: • You have accidentally dropped the syringe.

• Any part of the syringe appears to be damaged.

• The contents are cloudy, hazy or contain particles.

• The expiration date has passed.

Step 4. Attach the needle to the syringe

Grasp the packaged needle firmly in both hands. Break the seal of the needle, using a twisting motion, and remove the needle cap as pictured.
Immediately throw away the needle cap in the sharps/ puncture-resistant container or sharps container. 

• Do not remove the needle shield that protects the needle.

Grasp the syringe and the rubber tip cap firmly and remove the rubber tip cap from the syringe (bend and pull).

• Do not touch the release clips of the safety device. 

• Do not push the plunger.

• Do not pull on the plunger.

Attach the needle to the syringe by pushing it firmly onto the syringe.

Step5. Remove the needle shield and prepare for injection

Hold the syringe firmly with one hand and pull off the needle shield with the other hand. Throw away the
needle shield in the puncture-resistant container or sharps container.

• Do not touch the needle or let it touch any surface, as the needle may become contaminated and may cause injury and pain if touched.

• You may see a drop of liquid at the end of the needle. This is normal.


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