Buy Clenbuterol, Ketotifen, Thyroxine, Yohimbine cycle

Buy Clenbuterol, Ketotifen, Thyroxine, Yohimbine cycle

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This combination is used in AxioLabs CYX3 fat burner, and
is one of the most powerful. You can save a lot if
take the active substances separately. High efficiency
complex due to the fact that thyroxin (or T3) is capable of not only
independently accelerate metabolism and start burning fat, but also
enhance the sensitivity of adrenoreceptors through which clenbuterol and yohimbine act.
For one unit (unit) the following combination of starting materials is taken:

Clenbuterol - 40 mcg
Thyroxine - 25 mcg
Yohimbine - 5 mg (available in sports nutrition stores)

The dosage is a multiple of the available tablets
mentioned drugs. Yohimbin can be excluded from the complex if
there is no possibility to purchase it, with the dosage and reception regimen
the remaining 2 drugs will be the same.
Recommended course:

  • day 1-3: 1 unit
  • 4-6 day: 1.5 units
  • day 7-9: 1 unit in the morning, 1 unit. after lunch
  • 10-12 day: 1.5 units
  • 13-15 day: 1 unit
  • Day 16-19: 0.5 units
  • 20-21: 0, 25 units.

In the next three weeks, it is recommended to give the body a rest, after
which course can be repeated. All substances are recommended to be taken as 30
minutes before breakfast, washed down with plain water.

In case of a feverish state, a dose of 1-2 is recommended.
mg ketotifen in the afternoon. To protect the heart and reduce
heart rate need to use beta blockers
(metoprolol in a dose of 50 mg 2 times a day).

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